Cyber Criminals Are Targeting Law Firms.

Month: October 2014

Brainlink International Featured in Crain’s NY

Brainlink International was featured in the Crain’s NY Business article entitled “Firms That Thrive By Staying Lean.” “Some local firms are turning to automation to expand their capacity. At Brainlink International, a five-person IT consulting firm in Long Island City, Queens, with revenue of $750,000 in 2013, founder and CEO Raj Goel said the company […]

The Lighter Side

Stumbling to find words – At a posh Manhattan dinner party, a foreign visitor was telling the guests about this country and himself. As he concluded, he said, “And I have a charming and understanding wife but, alas, no children.” – His listeners appeared to be waiting for him to continue, so he said, haltingly, […]

ISSA International Conference Architecture Of Global Surveillance

OCTOBER 22nd & 23rd, 2014 Disney Contemporary Resort Orlando, FL Snowden, Anonymous, NSA, FBI, GCHQ, Boeing, China, Cisco, ATT, Verizon, Google, Facebook, GM, Ford, Apple, Amazon, Your doctor, Spouse, Grocer, iPhone, android, your child’s school. What do they have in common? Each and everyone is a spy. Individuals, corporations and governments have built the modern […]

Smart House Is an Oxymoron

A hacker broke into the system new parents were using to monitor their baby remotely. When the parents got into the room, the remotely controlled camera was pointed at them, not the baby. The cyber attacker screamed obscenities and so on at the parents and baby. Reacting as expected, the parents pulled the plug on […]

Remembering Robin Williams

Robin Williams Live At The Met is the funniest routine I have ever heard. I am going to miss this crazy Friar – his pictures are all over the club walls. Here are my favorite jokes and one-liners from Robin: Prime Minister Botha, White Courtesy Phone. If it’s the Psychic Network, why do they need […]

Star Trek Changed the World

On Sep 8, 1966, Star Trek first appeared on TV…and changed our lives forever. I wasn’t born when Star Trek first aired, but I watched the reruns on WPIX-11 during my high school years (Go Bronx Science!). How did Star Trek change the world? 1) Trek was a Civil Rights Pioneer The first show to […]

Tenn Construction Firm Sues Bank For $193K

Tenn Construction Firm Sues Bank For $193K

Tennessee Electric Company Inc. (now TEC Industrial) was recently hit by a devastating cyber-attack that initially cost them $327,000. Once they realized what had happened, TEC notified their bank, TriSummit Bank, who were able to recover $135,000, leaving TEC on the hook for approximately $193,000. According to Krebs On Security, “Tennessee Electric alleges that the bank […]

NYIT CyberSecurity Conference Protecting Critical Infrastructure

THURSDAY, SEPT. 18, 2014 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. NYIT Auditorium on Broadway 1871 Broadway at 61st Street New York, N.Y. Presented by NYIT’s School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, this conference will address a broad range of pressing topics including privacy; innovations in enterprise security; systems security and the Internet of things; mobile security; […]