Star Trek Changed the World


On Sep 8, 1966, Star Trek first appeared on TV…and changed our lives forever. I wasn’t born when Star Trek first aired, but I watched the reruns on WPIX-11 during my high school years (Go Bronx Science!).

How did Star Trek change the world?

1) Trek was a Civil Rights Pioneer
The first show to broadcast an interracial kiss between Kirk & Lt. Uhura. (And Trek also had Japanese, Russian, Scottish and Canadian officers!)

2) Modern cell phones were inspired by the communicators
The original Motorola flip phone was intentionally designed to resemble the communicators.

3) The 1st US Space Shuttle was named Enterprise
Thanks to intense lobbying by nerds, err, Trekkers, NASA named the 1st shuttle Enterprise

4) iPads and Tablets were popularized on Star Trek
Yeoman Rand always had Kirk sign something on the tablet with a stylus.

5) Phasers inspired Tasers
Tasers stun…and occasionally kill. Just like phasers.

6) Large Viewscreens for teleconferencing
Remember how Enterprise always spoke to other ships using the bridge view screen? Does it resemble the 50” TV in your living room? Or the Mondopad in your conference room?

7) It connects the human race
No matter where you go, or what language you speak, every culture, language and country knows Spock’s preferred greeting—”Live Long And Prosper”

What was your favorite episode or lesson learned?
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