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Month: November 2014

The Lighter Side

Good Advice A lady pulled into a crowded parking lot and rolled down the car windows to make sure her golden retriever had fresh air. The dog was stretched out on the back seat, and she wanted to make sure the dog stayed there. She walked backward toward the store, pointing her finger at the […]

Will Cyber Liability Insurance Cover Loss of Business Income?

The short answer is yes, if you are properly prepared. Let’s review a case whereby a computer system was infected with the CryptoLocker or CryptoWall ( a common file-encrypting ransomware program). This type of infection has reportedly infected over 800,000 computers in the last 10 months resulting in over 6 billion ‘hostaged’ files and millions […]

Disaster Recovery Planning: Almost Half Of Businesses Fail After A Disaster. Will Yours?

When we talk to business owners about disasters, they usually imagine Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012. Clearly, that qualifies as a disaster. However, there are plenty of disasters that don’t involve Mother Nature. Disaster can be as simple as theft or disaster can be a corrupted database without a backup. Most data disasters can […]

What Can Businesses Learn from Target and Hurricane Sandy?

It’s been 2 years since Sandy ravaged NYC. What have we learned? Disasters happen. They always have, and they always will. Some disasters are natural (Sandy, snowstorms, Ebola), others are man-made – Target, Fazio Mechanical, Patco, TEC, etc. You need to be prepared. To Prepare for Natural Disasters Ensure you have a written disaster recovery […]

Press Release by WPIX11

Private webcams not so private after all Security expert warns private webcam hacking another reminder to take cyber security seriously News that a company had hacked into thousands of supposedly private webcams around the world came as no great surprise to Raj Goel, an Internet and cyber security expert. A Russian hacker group is posting […]

Press Release by Cyberoam Partner Conference

Raj Goel Security & Compliance Consulting Practice (917) 685-–7731 Noted Internet security expert speaks to MSPs at Cyberoam Partner conference Internet security expert Raj Goel explains what compliance means and how to achieve it at Cyberoam Partner conference Coming to a recent Cyberoam conference on Internet security, cyber security expert Raj Goel was […]

Hackers set up live streaming website for over 100 NYC private webcams

Hackers set up live streaming website for over 100 NYC private webcams

NEW YORK (PIX11) – A Russian hacking group is suspected of breaking into thousands of surveillance cameras around the world and posting live feeds online. The cameras range from those in private homes to businesses, all tapped without the owners’ approval. A side panel on the Insecam homepage gives a breakdown of where each camera […]