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Dear COO,

Do you have a Business Resurgence Plan?

Your staff is working remotely – some of your people are working onsite.

At some point, the Stay-At-Home orders will lift, subways will run 24×7, and customers will need your services.

We’re all living on Zoom & Netflix at home. Will your office technology meet your staff’s expectations?

Are you ready?

  • Is your office ready to accept staff, clients & visitors?
  • Are your IT systems up to date?
  • Are you still using old-fashioned VPNs and file servers?
  • Is your staff working-from-home with hand-me-downs and outdated computers?
  • Does your cyber-insurance policy cover your employees when they’re working from home?
  • Are you safeguarding your intellectual property, client records and protected data while your employees are working from home?

What lessons have you learned that need to be incorporated into your “New Normal”?

As people return, you are going to have problems and your staff will be frustrated.

We can help.

  • We spot problems earlier. What we can prevent, we will.
  • What we can’t prevent, we’re going to respond quickly and effectively

Contact me – let’s get your company back to work!

– Raj Goel, CISSP

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