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TOP 7 Mistakes Companies Make When Using Amazon AWS

Businesses move to the AWS cloud to save time, money, and to free their technologists to do the work that delivers value to their customers. But mismanaging AWS resources can quickly dilute your cost savings, put you at risk of security breaches, and cause problems in your cloud environment that require expensive, labor-intensive resolutions.   […]

Top 10 Threats To Your Business in 2019

Top 10 Threats To Your Business in 2019

10) The Economy – Too Hot or Too Cold 9) Supply Chain Problems – Russia, China, Your Competitors – They are hacking for bid info Insurers & Subs 8) Insufficient Cash On Hand 7) Poor Information Sharing 6) Poor Cloud Adoption 5) Outdated equipment & SoftwareOur Timberline Server is too slowWe can’t access email in […]

Are you violating The SEC’s Recently Proposed Anti-Fraud Rule?

Are you violating The SEC’s Recently Proposed Anti-Fraud Rule?

Disruptions to your business come in a range of shapes and sizes. Whether it’s an unprecedented onsite emergency or an unusually delayed response from a key vendor or business contact, both can throw off your business’ continuity. Without thorough and effective business continuity planning, a disruption of any size can affect your business’ productivity, bottom […]

Do You Know What’s Going On In Your Network?

Do You Know What’s Going On In Your Network?

Making the right decisions for your business depends entirely on what information you have available to you at any given time. If you don’t really know what’s happening in your business, how well it’s performing, and where it may be failing, how can you effectively lead it? This is especially true of your business technology. […]

What is Managed Security And Why Do You Need it ?

What is managed security? A lot of companies, thought leaders and vendors are talking about MANAGED SECURITY and MANAGED SECURITY SERVICES PROVIDERs (MSSPs) – but what are they? Simply put, MSSPs keep an eye on your security systems (firewalls, routers, log collectors, SIEMs, Antivirus and Antimalware dashboards) and either alert your in-house team to take […]

Learn to Spot Email Spoofing, or Face the FTC

Forget about ransomware and trojans – have you heard about email spoofing yet? Email spoofing is a method in which the cybercriminal makes an email appear as though it was sent from somewhere it wasn’t, such as a client’s, vendor’s, or even superior’s email address. For example: A hacker sends a spoofed email to the […]

Top Techniques to Secure Firm-Wide Buy-In for Cyber Security & Compliance

David Edwards, President, Heron Wealth started the discussion by sharing his journey. David started his career in systems at Morgan Stanley, so he knew how to use and manage IT well. Two years ago, he realized that he could no longer manage the IT and compliance issues for his firm by himself, so he engaged […]

Providing Unnamed Hedgefund with Effective Service with High ROI

When an Unnamed Hedgefund required support to cope with their extensive IT demands, they chose Brainlink International. Brainlink provided an intensive and honest assessment of their systems and as a result, delivered vastly effective and beneficial solutions.   Brainlink delivered vastly effective beneficial solutions to Unnamed Hedgefund. It is imperative that their IT systems are […]