2013 was an AMAZING Year!

Month: November 2013

2013 was an AMAZING Year!

Raj delivered keynote presentation at The Hague, Helsinki, Curacao, Dato’s Partner Conference and other events De Volksrant wrote an amazing profile WPIX-11 featured Raj as a cyber-security expert on 5 stories Shival Agarwal joined our team as Senior Systems Engineer Bernice Wright joined us as Marketing Manager Fabian Moy celebrated his 6th anniversary with Brainlink […]

Construction Industry Technology Day

AUTHOR, SPEAKER AND TV GURU RAJ GOEL, CISSP PRESENTS:   Construction Industry Technology Day! Learn How To GROW Your Business! Register at: https://www.brainlink.com/construction-seminar/ Thursday, Jan 23, 2014 8am ‐ 10 am The Friars Club 57 East 55th Street, New York, New York 10022 (55th Street between Madison & Park Ave)

6 Tips To Improve Your Security And Peace Of Mind

Backup Your Data Regularly Run at a MINIMUM Daily Backups of your Critical Data Automated Offsite Backups are Invaluable Check/Test your data backups at a MINIMUM Monthly Assure all critical data is saved in the backed up location Implement better banking practices One Account for Payroll & Taxes NO DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS ASSOCIATED WITH […]

What Law Firms MUST Know About Protecting Themselves And Their Clients From Cyber Attacks

On November 7, 2013, we hosted a breakfast seminar titled “Cyber Criminals Are Targeting Law firms”. Here are the cliff notes. George Schultzel , FBI: There are only 2 kinds of people.People who are about to be hacked; and those who’ll be hacked again. It’s as simple as that – either you’ve already been hacked […]