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Brainlink’s winning cloud-based BCDR strategy

Brainlink provides exceptional IT and business-process support to privately owned companies in the financial services and construction industries. Nearly all customers are based in New York City and include private equity, investment and hedge fund firms as well as architectural, contractor and property management companies.

Brainlink’s customers are mature companies that have survived horrific events, including September 11 and Superstorm Sandy. They’ve seen what a disaster can do to a business. They know the value of a proven business continuity disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy. Most of Brainlink’s customers opt for a cloud-based BCDR strategy, putting them ahead of the national average.


brainlink's record breaking achievement

The fastest way to restore

“We bet on Veeam for our business, and we won,” Brianlink CEO Raj Goel said. “Veeam and Azure are an unbeatable combination, and they do two amazing things for us. They make BCDR faster and better for our customers, and they make our lives easier.”

Veeam Direct Restore to Microsoft Azure lets Brainlink restore customers’ VMs fast — so fast that Brainlink broke a speed record. Average restore speed is 50 MB per second, but Brainlink hit 3.2 GB per second after working with Veeam’s support team.

“Veeam support is a shining star,” Goel said. “I get first-class treatment with Veeam compared to what I got from the previous vendor — a coach seat next to the toilet.”

Veeam and Azure also decreased BCDR testing time by 99% (from 3,330 hours to eight hours), saving the company $30,000 in mandatory overtime costs each year. Goel called Veeam an instantaneous return on investment (ROI).

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