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TOP 7 Mistakes Companies Make When Using Amazon AWS

Businesses move to the AWS cloud to save time, money, and to free their technologists to do the work that delivers value to their customers. But mismanaging AWS resources can quickly dilute your cost savings, put you at risk of security breaches, and cause problems in your cloud environment that require expensive, labor-intensive resolutions.   […]

Cybersecurity is the Biggest Risk Facing the Financial System

Inadequate security technology and a pervasive culture of trust have left the worldwide financial industry open to a non-stop stream of cyber-attacks. The good news is that you don’t have to handle all of this alone; Brainlink can help. SWIFT bank attacks show the world how vulnerable the financial system really is; will you learn […]

Does your construction firm have a cybersecurity expert on speed dial?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) plays an undeniably important role in the modern cybersecurity landscape. Each decision the FTC makes helps to redefine the status quo of the nation’s security and privacy culture, which is why it’s so important to pay attention! Whereas many IT and cybersecurity professionals are only just now beginning to follow […]


HOW FAST COULD YOUR COMPANY BE BACK UP WORKING ? You hear it all the time from “back up your data”, keep your virus protection current, and install and maintain a firewall to protect yourself from hackers and other online threats. However, while these precautions will certainly help you avoid problems, they CAN’T do anything […]


Recently, Raj Goel presented to answer the question “How Vulnerable Are You Building & Company Operations?”, the panel also included Todd Januzzi, CIO Paramount Group, and FBI’s SSA Albert Murray. The discussion began on the topic of how important is to backup files in a timely fashion. “First off, conduct a desktop exercise,” said Raj. […]