About Raj Goel

Author, entrepreneur, IT expert and public speaker, Raj Goel is globally known as the go-to man in cyber security and privacy law. He is committed to educating individuals and organizations about online safety and how to protect their most important assets – people and data. His expert advice helps individuals, companies and conglomerates navigate their way through the world’s ever-changing technology and increasingly complex IT compliance laws. He often appears in the media and at coconferences world-wide to educate the public on cyber-security and digital privacy, a subject he is passionate about.

About the Book

If you are an attorney, accountant, insurance agent, architect or other small business professional with less than 100 employees in New York City, then this book has been written for you. In it you will discover the various options available to help you use technology to run your business more efficiently. I challenge you to look at your business in a new light. You and your team are no doubt exceptional at what you do. Your clients choose you, above all others, because you are specialists in your field, and you provide a service or an experience that sets you apart from everyone else.