6 Tips To Improve Your Security And Peace Of Mind

  1. Backup Your Data Regularly
    Run at a MINIMUM Daily Backups of your Critical Data Automated Offsite Backups are Invaluable Check/Test your data backups at a MINIMUM Monthly Assure all critical data is saved in the backed up location
  2. Implement better banking practices
    One Account for Payroll & Taxes NO DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS ACCOUNT One Account for Operations & Expenses AVOID DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS ACCOUNT Monitor Account Activity, setup Alerts, Reporting, use strong Banking Passwords
  3. Upgrade Your Security
    Regularly Patch Systems—Windows, Applications, Java, etc. Use a current an -virus – If it’s expired or it came with your PC, it’s useless Implement a better firewall – Blocks viruses, drive-by downloads, tracks web surfing Password lock your iPhones, iPads, etc. Hardware is replaceable. Your & your clients’ privacy isn’t. Have your employees sign an Acceptable Use Policy
  4. Increase Your Productivity
    Give Your Staff The Tools They Need To Succeed Managed Support means they can call for tech support whenever they need it, without increasing your costs. Work with a fellow business owner, not just a tech-headTake More Vacations A week or more of no phone calls, emails, etc. Is highly recommended.

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  5. Double check your insurance policies and ensure you have proper coverage
    Most general liability, Errors & Omissions and Malpractice policies do NOT cover the costs of forensic investigations, client notification costs, and cleanup costs.
  6. Hire Brainlink to conduct a Network Security AuditYou need an expert to really assess the current state of your network and data security. And you need a business professional who specializes in building cost- effective, survivable security plans, disaster recovery plans, and business continuity plans.

And most importantly, you need someone with deep contacts in law enforcement, so when a breach occurs, the FBI, Secret Service, NYPD Cyber Crimes and the NYS Cyber Crimes teams will treat your case with speed, respect and sensitivity.