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2013 was an AMAZING Year!

November 26, 2013 Published by Rajesh Goel

Raj delivered keynote presentation at The Hague, Helsinki, Curacao, Dato’s Partner Conference and other events De Volksrant wrote an amazing profile

WPIX-11 featured Raj as a cyber-security expert on 5 stories

Shival Agarwal joined our team as Senior Systems Engineer
Bernice Wright joined us as Marketing Manager
Fabian Moy celebrated his 6th anniversary with Brainlink

And most importantly, we welcome the following clients to our family:

  • John Gallin & Son
  • Alterman & Boop
  • Financial Services Partners
  • Philip Greenberg
  • Mel Lazar
  • Rachel Lurie
  • E W Howell

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As a result, we have invested extensive resources in building Client Runbooks.

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