Providing Unnamed Hedgefund with Effective Service with High ROI

When an Unnamed Hedgefund required support to cope with their extensive IT demands, they chose Brainlink International.

Brainlink provided an intensive and honest assessment of their systems and as a result, delivered vastly effective and beneficial solutions.


Brainlink delivered vastly effective beneficial solutions to Unnamed Hedgefund.

It is imperative that their IT systems are consistent and reliable in order to access market pricing and news, as well as conduct electronic transactions safely and securely.

According to Josh Musher:

“IT is critical to our information flow. We need real-time support that can integrate and manage the multiple demands and high availability of email, internet connectivity, and our network.”

He continues,

“We have tight demands for uptime, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and archiving.”

The Situation: IT support and services required to cope with extensive email, internet and network demands of hedge fund

Before giving them a proposal, Brainlink conducted an intense assessment of all aspects of the client’s business technology.  They found Brainlink to be more thorough in analyzing their infrastructure than the other IT companies they had considered. While the other competing providers offered low-ball quotes without doing the necessary research, Brainlink asked the client the important questions to determine solutions that would be most beneficial for them in the long run.

“Brainlink was the most efficient and accurate in evaluating our network.” 

Musher says, Brainlink was the most efficient and accurate in evaluat­ing our network, as well as most upfront with expected costs during the due diligence process. They offered a flat fee service model, so my expenses would be predictable.” Unlike their competitors, Brainlink offered the minimum risk of unexpected charges and extra-billing hours. Musher states, Brainlink was honest and upfront with us about what needed to be done. In addition to their honesty, Brainlink’s broad experience in cybersecurity was highly appealing to the client. This led to their decision to choose Brainlink as their IT services company.

“Brainlink was honest and upfront with us about what needed to be done.”

The Solution: Teaming with Brainlink for honesty, responsiveness, and expertise

Brainlink proactively maintains the hedgefund’s network so they are able to more effectively manage the high expectations of their clients.

Brainlink provides IT services specifically for investment firms, such as: 

  • Management of projects cybersecurity and compliance posture
  • 24/7 IT infrastructure and server monitoring for potential problems
  • Comprehensive security management, including full and immediate updates
  • Reliable and tested data backups
  • Remediation of processes and services that fail. Brainlink ensures their client knows the source of the problem, regardless of fault.

They recommend Brainlink.

The client recommends Brainlink over other IT companies for their integrity, commitment, and forward thinking. They are also impressed with Brainlink’s effective client communication, broad knowledge, and responsiveness.


Looking for a competent, transparent, cost-effective IT services firm that understands and adapts to your culture? Brainlink doesn’t feed you BS – our due diligence is comprehensive and thorough.

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