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Raj Goel
Security & Compliance Consulting Practice
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Noted Internet security expert speaks to MSPs at Cyberoam Partner conference

Internet security expert Raj Goel explains what compliance means and how to achieve it at Cyberoam Partner conference

Coming to a recent Cyberoam conference on Internet security, cyber security expert Raj Goel was able to approach compliance issues from two directions.

“I am both a service provider (MSP) and customer of Cyberoam. I know the business from both sides and this allows me to see security issues from both directions as well,” he said.

A world-recognized expert on Internet security and how to secure online systems, Mr. Goel was invited to the Cyberoam conference because of his dual role in such systems.

“As a managed service provider, we provide and advise on security and technology issues. I am in the same shoes you wear. At the same time, I am a compliance expert and I know what it takes to secure a system and how to secure that system,” he said.

The biggest issue, according to the media these days, is financial security. How can companies keep their records secure and away from hackers. Mr. Goel said this is indeed important, but an equal threat is out there and is not receiving nearly the same amount of attention. This threat also exposes companies to a lot more damage than just theft of credit card information.

“A key shift in our industry is the switch from generic me-too MSPs to Compliance focused MSPs. At Brainlink, we have built a phenomenal SOC (Security Operations Center) and a world-class documentation and process system (SOPToolkit) – both of these are available to our vendors and MSP partners.”

“The fact is, more can be done and more needs to be done. I see this every day. I work with it every day,” he said. “When I go to conferences like the Cyberoam event, I give IT personnel the tools and information they need to beef up the security systems and defeat outside attacks. I’ve had some IT professionals come up to me after I speak at such events and ask if I can come talk with their entire IT department.”

“I am privileged to have spoken at both the Datto Partner Conference as well as the Cyberoam Partner conference, and I look forward to educating at other vendor conferences as well. MSPs cannot deliver effective security without our vendor partners, and I am heartened to see the investment Datto, Continuum and Cyberoam make in the MSP community”.
Mr. Goel is available to speak worldwide Internet security conferences. He also moderates panel discussions and is available for media interviews on Internet security issues and security compliance.

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