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The Lighter Side

“Secrecy is when your parent doesn’t know *which* cookie you stole. Privacy is when they don’t know you’ve been to the cookie jar.” – Andy Ellis, CSO, Akamai Technologies   “When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was ...

Brainlink’s SOP Interview Amongst Continuum’s All Time Top 5 List

Raj Goel was interviewed by MSP Radio on “How to Build Excellent Standard Operating Procedures That Will Drive Business Growth.” It made Continuum’s TOP 5 shows of all time! Listen Here:

Gotham Golf 2015

Gotham City Networking, Inc(r)’s 2015 Golf Outing On August 17, 2015, registration for this event begins at the Cool Spring Country Club at 8:30AM. For more information, visit here:

The Joy of SOPs

How To Get Your Team to Buy Into SOPs Once my team started using SOPs, we got so into them we went from having none to 250 in just four months. Now we have over 750. How? We created a ...

The Fight for Privacy

For those of us older than Millennials, we grew up in the age of privacy. We all learned at some point that loose lips sink ships; don’t say anything you wouldn’t say or repeat in public. Our kids and grandkids ...

Lessons learned from THE LAST SHIP

By Raj Goel, CISSP Recently, I watched a lovely musical on Broadway Called “The Last Ship” starring Sting. I watched it twice in the same week, just before it closed, and have listened to the cast recording over 100 times ...

The Lighter Side

Hitch-hiking A guy was hitch-hiking on a very dark and stormy night. Suddenly he saw a car roll slowly toward him and stop. He jumped into the back seat and closed the door. Then realized there was nobody behind the ...

Protecting You: Not holding Your Information Hostage

Throughout my career, I have met with a lot of firms and in case after case, we see the same thing. The IT company holds the client’s information hostage. You know what I’m talking about. Who has all the passwords? ...

The Joy of SOPs

How to Use SOPs to Cut Expenses, Cross Train Your Team, and Increase Client Satisfaction You might think that IT problems are too unique to use Stand Operating Procedures, but you’d be wrong. You can use SOPs to great advantage ...

When Your Computer Has Been Taken Hostage: What To Do About Ransomware

A particularly vicious form of malware has grown exponentially in recent years – ransomware to be specific. This type of software restricts access to your files until a ransom is paid to its creators. ...


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