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What Makes Brainlink’s Culture Unique?

December 18, 2015 Published by Rajesh Goel

What makes Brainlink International’s culture unique is its focus on training and systems. Training – whether it’s going to conferences and vendor seminars and getting certifications, or learning soft skills such as effective email and phone communication or proper dinner etiquette – is a large focus and expenditure for the company each year.

But what is most unique is Brainlink’s SOP (standard operating procedure) culture. If it can be documented, an SOP is created. SOPs have not only eliminated wasted time but also drastically reduced onboarding time. In addition, Brainlink’s SOP culture has proven a steep competitive advantage and has been the subject of radio and magazine pieces. “I expect my company to be a team of leaders, not just followers” says Brainlink co-founder and CIO Raj Goel. Through that goal, each Brainlink employee is driven to succeed not only for personal reasons, but to help the company to greater heights.


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Brainlink Improves Client Business Using SOPs and RUNBOOKS

A key principle at Brainlink is that we are NOT the owners of our clients’ information – we are the custodian.

As a result, we have invested extensive resources in building Client Runbooks.

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