There are 177,417 Ways To Tie A Knot!

How many do you know?

A true mark of a gentleman, is dressing well.

And in our modern, abundant economy, we can take for granted that the clothing is made well, functions well and projects the image you wish to convey.

In a sea of khakis, corporate blue shirts, gray/black/pin stripe/etc. suits, how do you stand out?

I prefer to use tie knots to make a statement.

According to a recent research paper, there are 177,147 ways to tie a tie knot (see According to, there are 85 classic tie knots. Thanks to Alex Krasny (@lexKrasny) for helping me up my sartorial game.

My 3 current favorites are:



Perfect for long, SOLID ties. This is my go to tie-knot



Trinity is perfect for STRIPED TIES and DUAL-TONE ties (and if you work for JPMorgan Chase, it also resembles your corporate logo!)



This is a VERY SPECIAL tie knot that I reserve for rare occasions.

Yes, it’s complicated, tricky to pull off, and requires a sweater or vest to really pull it together. On the other hand, if you watched that otherwise unwatchable Matrix Reloaded, then you know that what set the Merovingian apart (other than his French accent, his gorgeous wife Persephone and the evil henchmen), was his choice of tie knots.

Your turn!

1) Which of these 3 is your favorite?

2) Which tie knot are you going to learn (ladies, which tie knot would you like the man in your life to master?)

Email me at and let me know.