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Social Media & Cloud Computing Threats to Privacy, Security and Liberty


This 31-minute webinar shows you how

  • Kids have been denied College Admissions, thrown out of college or kicked out of their majors
  • Interns and employees have cost their employers thousands (or millions) of dollars
  • How kids and adults have gone to jail, around the world, due to mistakes in Social Media

I wanted to thank you for the materials and your rapid response to my inquiry. You are an engaging and articulate speaker who presents useful information in a fun and informative way. I take many webinars and other forms of training, so I know that many speakers have great information but they do not present it well. As an instructor myself, I understand the difficulty in presenting information and maintaining student attention regardless of their interest in the materials. In addition, you presented some of the complexities and realities of life online without sounding alarmist. It was an excellent presentation and I look forward to hearing you again.

Have a good evening.

Jennie McLamb, CPP PSP PCI
Training and Compliance Administrator
Board Certified in Security Management/Investigations/Physical Security
OMNISEC International Security Services, Inc.

Please share this webinar with

  • CIOs, CSOs, CPOs, Compliance Officers
  • Parents of High school & College Students
  • High School & College Student
  • High School teachers
  • College Professors
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Interns
  • New Employees

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