Raj Goel Urges New Social Contract between Internet Users, Companies and Government Agencies in New Article

Renowned speaker and Internet privacy expert Raj Goel urges a new compact between Internet users and the companies and government agencies accessing personal, private data online in new article from De Volkskrant.

New York, New York (PRWEB) 25, March 2013 – Raj Goel, expert IT consultant and renowned global speaker on privacy law compliance and privacy rights issues, is urging new controls on who has access to personal, private information online.

Goel was recently invited to speak at a conference sponsored by the Dutch government on cybersecurity held at The Hague. The event was held on January 22, 2013 and 850 attendees were present from 12 different EU countries, as well as the US DHS, NATO and various military and private sectors. Of 30 speakers, Raj Goel was selected to have his presentation printed in De Volkskrant, the largest newspaper in Holland.

The gist of Goel’s presentation is that on the Internet, there is no such thing as communication privacy. In the physical world, opening someone’s mail (even junk mail) is a crime (a felony, actually). In the real world, any criminal act on the part of a minor is sealed after 18 years of age, and no reports can include their name.

On the Internet, the situation is the exact opposite. All emails, SMS, instant messages, Facebook posts, tweets and blog posts are open and available for any government agency, company or marketing firm to exploit. Not only are they open for this use, but they’re actively analyzed, collected, indexed and then stored by third-party agencies for their own use, without the consent of the person who originated the information.

This is worth repeating – there are no rights granted to individuals governing who has access to their data, what purpose that data is collected for or what type of information is being gathered. In the online world, even minors are at risk, because every action, comment and post becomes public knowledge.

In his article, Raj Goel reiterates the immense dangers of posting information (any information, really) online, because Internet users do not have a right to know who is accessing that data, what they’re collecting or to what purpose it is being gathered. Goel urges that Internet users must have online protections similar to the rights they enjoy in the physical world. Even the FBI and police must have a court order to tamper with physical mail – they need no authorization whatsoever to tamper with online data.

The article giving Goel’s presentation from The Hague cybersecurity conference is a must-read for anyone using technology today, in any capacity, including cell phones, social media, email and other Internet elements.

Goel can also be retained by conference organizers for speaking engagements and by organizations seeking to highlight the importance of HIPAA, Internet privacy, privacy law compliance and social media privacy.

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