Who We Serve

Brainlink International has the industry-specific support you need to become more productive and profitable.

Generic services just don’t cut it; it’s as simple as that. We know that your business needs unique IT solutions designed with your industry in mind.

When you’re ready to increase your productivity and get the absolute best return on your IT investment, talk to Brainlink International about our services at raj@brainlink.com or (347) 460-2238.

Brainlink International provides bespoke IT consulting to firms in a range of industries. Our two decades’ of experience in the industry has allowed use to develop highly effective solutions to a number of common pain points. We offer unique services for the following industries:

  • Family Offices

Brainlink International has partners with key vendors including Bloomberg, RealTick, and Paladyne to provide exceptional, rapid and effective support to financial firms.

Brainlink International provides custom-fit IT consulting to businesses in a number of other industries to help resolve unnecessary errors and prevent financial and reputational damage. Brainlink International offers tailor-made solutions for the following industries:

We know that we can’t be experts in everything, so we work with specialist firms that support Timberline/SAGE300, Intuit MRI and other industry-specific applications. If we can’t provide support directly, we can connect you with industry leaders through our large and deep network of resources.

Brainlink International offers the most reliable team of IT experts to get your business the maximum return on your technology investment. For improved productivity, industry-specific services and reliable digital protection, contact us at raj@brainlink.com or (347) 460-2238 today.