Wealth Management

Get the IT solutions to your firm’s problems today.

Wealth management is not a simple business. Providing financial planning, investment portfolio management and more for a range of different clients means that there’s so much on the line every day. Even a single lost file or one hacked email could result in massive financial and reputational consequences. That’s why you can’t afford to put anything at risk. You need a reliable and responsive IT support firm that can address your industry’s pain points and keep your operations secure. You need Brainlink International.

Brainlink International has developed partnerships with a number of industry-standard firms that include Bloomberg, RealTick, Paladyne and others. These firms trust us because it’s clear that we understand what makes them successful. We’re not just here to support your technology, we’re here to help your business as well.

Brainlink International can increase your team’s productivity, improve system stability, reduce downtime and resolve recurring performance issues. Contact Brainlink International at (347) 460-2238 or raj@brainlink.com today to find out how we do it.

How Can Brainlink International Help Your Firm?

Brainlink International understands that no two firms are alike, which is why we provide undeniably bespoke solutions that are designed with your company in mind. This allows you to get the support you need without taking on any avoidable expenses or unnecessary gimmicks. As your partner in IT, we will:

  • Manage the performance of your IT environment by watching it around-the-clock for any possible issues, all without requiring full-time on-site staffing.
  • Keep a watchful eye on your servers for any suspicious events, whether they’re indicative of an external threat, or an instance of employee misuse.
  • Develop lasting solutions for any processes or services that fail. As a part of our commitment to transparency, we’ll promptly inform you whenever we are at fault, and likewise, we’ll let you know when an error was due to employee misbehavior on your end.
  • Keep your system up to date with the latest security patches, service packs and anti-virus protocols so that you’re prepared for even the most modern digital threats.
  • Manage your projects, cyber security and compliance in order to ensure that your systems perform as expected for business and regulatory purposes.
  • Perform Daily Backup Reviews and Daily Firewall Reviews to catch any possible errors or issues within a business day of occurrence.
  • Help you achieve the ROI you expect from your technology by providing expert consulting on how your staff can make better use of it.

Are your ready to achieve greater productivity? Brainlink International is ready to help. Contact our team at (347) 460-2238 or raj@brainlink.com today to learn more.