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“I found Unplugged: Luddites’ Guide to Cybersecurity to be not only useful, but a funny, fascinating read as well. The book is full of anecdotes and real-world examples that paint a sobering picture of the Big Brother-esque trends happening all around us. Many stories surprised me – is this actually what our world is like today?! But sadly, yes, these are the realities we are facing, and Goel lays it out clear as day. The issues he touches on, such as social media dangers and the increasing use of “smart” technology, are topics that have come up frequently in conversations with friends and family. After reading this, I feel better equipped to not only protect myself, but to point my friends in the right direction.”

“Here’s what sets this book apart for me: the Action Items at the end of each chapter. Luddites’ Guide to Cybersecurity doesn’t just alert its audience to the dangers posed by the misuse of technology, it gives you these specific, helpful steps to take to defend yourself and your family. Everything the author shares is straightforward and easy to understand; it really is a guide for people like me who are not masters of technology! The book has opened my eyes to how risky some of my actions have been, and how I shouldn’t trust others to handle my privacy, but I don’t feel powerless. Instead, I feel pretty galvanized to learn more!“

“While growing up, I was taught that pointing out problems is of little value unless you can also provide solutions. In Unplugged: A Luddites’ Guide to Cyber-security, Raj Goel has revealed many of the potential dangers that can accompany the greater freedom and conveniences of technology, but, more importantly, he has also presented solutions and advice that will aid in avoiding those dangers.“

“I recently began to incorporate just a few of the principles and some of the practical advice offered inUnplugged: A Luddites’ Guide to Cyber-security and have already begun to reap the benefits! Now, not only is my life much easier and more efficient, but I have more time and fewer headaches.“

“For the tech-savvy, tech-challenged and everyone in between, Unplugged: A Luddites’ Guide to Cyber-security is an eye-opening introduction to the hidden dangers–and sometimes grave consequences—of uninhibited social media use and the disturbing lack of security pervasive in many of the modern technologies we use every day.”

Unplugged: A Luddites’ Guide to Cyber-security is a tremendously informative read, with practical advice for navigating the pitfalls of the digital landscape, and for overcoming the obstacles that can make our lives less productive.”

“For anyone concerned for the security and well-being of themselves and their loved ones, Unplugged: A Luddites’ Guide to Cyber-security is a must-read.“

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