Protecting You: Is There A Trojan Horse Hiding In Your Business?


Last Wednesday morning, our security system detected that a new hire had downloaded a pirated version of Adobe software. The software came with a “cracker” to use the software for free. The cracker was a trojan horse carrying 15 different banking viruses.

By 10 am, I was on the phone with the CFO and the IT director, advising them of the risks.

By noon, the software had been uninstalled, the PC cleaned and new hire had an uncomfortable, but necessary, conversation with his manager about following corporate policy:

  • No unauthorized software allowed
  • Do not download pirated software
  • Contact IT when you have issues

This is how we protected a client from a well-meaning employee gone rogue.

You’ve built your business through your hard work, sweat and tears.

Don’t let a rogue employee destroy it, or worse, besmirch your reputation.

Would you like us to help you protect your business as well?

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