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Education and Technology experts from around the worked will gather in early July in Helsinki, Finland, to hear an international computer security expert speak on cyber security, threats and how to deal with these issues.

Noted cyber security guru Raj Goel is making an unprecedented second appearance as the keynote speaker for the Global Business and Technology Association’s (GBATA) annual conference.

Mr. Goel said he was flattered and honored with the request came for him to speak a second time at the international gathering. Among the topics he plans to cover is how governments and large corporations are using social media to infringe upon, or deny people their civil rights.

“I’m going to present case studies from the US and around the world, that show how people have lost jobs, college admissions, college degrees, fortunes and freedom through (un)social media,” he said. “People simply do not realize how far reaching the effects of posting something online can be. Something you posted 20 years ago is still out there and can come back to destroy a person.”

“There’s pretty much no such thing as privacy online, either”, he said.

“You may think that because you have set your social media account to private, friends only or some such setting or you ‘hid” it well, that it’s safe. This is absolutely not the case. If someone else can see it, then anyone can see it,” he said.

In addition, someone could “share” the picture or information. Once that happens, any semblance of privacy is definitely gone.

“You cannot control what other people do when they visit your pages,” he said. “If they can see it, they can share it. When they share it, any locks or controls you put on it are gone. The old adage about secrets holds true in cyberspace too – ‘Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.’ You have to operate under the premise that anything, and I do mean anything, that you put online is going to be public.”

“I find that after being at one of your presentation, whether live or Memorex; I feel refreshed and raring to get back to the network/systems investigator I really wish to be I find that I get to entangled with my companies own perspectives and forget what my customers need to function at their highest ability,” said Larry Seibel, CISSP, IASO and Network Administrator Center for Disease Detection.

ABOUT RAJ GOEL – Raj Goel, CISSP, is an IT and information security expert with over 20 years of experience developing security solutions for the banking, financial services, health care, and pharmaceutical industries.A well-known authority on regulations and compliance issues, Raj has presented at information security conferences across the USA and Canada.

ABOUT GBATA – The association has 2,500+ members from 40+ countries. Comprised of a Board that consists of 32 distinguished scholars and executives, GBATA prides itself for a diverse thinking body of professionals and academicians alike.

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