Press Release by Brighttalk Next Generation Threat Protection Webinar

On Wednesday September 5th at the Brighttalk Next Generation Threat Protection Webinar, Information Technology Security expert and author Raj Goel presented “Sustainable Defense: How To Stop Chasing Security and Win the Battle.”

Goel’s presentation focused on data protection, privacy compliance, and network defense. He advised everyone to identify his or her resources and plan a defense against security threats.
His presentation took a critical view towards “vendor pitches,” and provided common-sense based and practical strategies for staying secure. Ninety-six people have watched the presentation with sixty live and thirty-six on demand. Thirty-four people downloaded the presentation.

Attendee feedback on Raj Goel’s presentaion:

“I saw your presentation and found it very informative.” – Rob Garcia, GUNNAUTO

“Awesome job on your presentation!” – Mark Wise

“I have watched about 20 of these webinars and this is the best one that I have seen so far. Clear speaker that holds your interest and great topic with good bullet points to keep focused. Great content; well presented.” – Anonymous

Raj Goel, CISSP, is the co-founder of Brainlink International, Inc., an IT consulting company based in New York City. With over twenty years of experience in the IT industry, Goel has helped developed security solutions for financial services and banking, along with pharmaceutical and health care industries. He has also worked with hospitals and regional medical centers in the northeast. Working with small to medium-sized companies, Goel provides technology solutions that facilitate the growth of revenues and profitability. He has presented over 100 seminars and conferences across the United States and Canada. He has appeared as an IT Security Expert in interviews on television and in newspapers and magazines including PBS Nightly Business Review, Entrepreneur Magazine, Information Security Magazine, and The New York Times. His recently published book The Most Important Secrets to Getting Great Results from IT: Everything Your Computer Consultant Never Told You focuses on the various options of using technology to help a business run more efficiently.

For More Information:

Raj Goel, Co-founder
Brainlink International, Inc.
87-90 118 Street
Queens, NY 11418
(917) 685-7731

Watch the Presentation: