Make Real Progress On Your Longstanding Projects With A Little Help From Brainlink

Overseeing a business’ IT is a daily struggle. An IT manager or internal IT staff will tend to spend most of their time just “putting out fires” one after another. As important as that is, the constant stream of requests, troubleshooting, and maintenance tasks can keep your IT personnel from tackling the larger goals that you have for your business technology.

Starting an IT project is easy; for a few days, or even a week, there may be a lull in Help Desk support requests, and so beginning a project is a simple matter. Unfortunately, finishing the project it isn’t quite as easy. Projects take time to do carefully and properly, and when your IT department is swamped with support requests, your project deadlines will keep getting pushed back while more immediately pressing matters are attended too.

Are your ongoing projects taking too long to get finished? Reach out to the Brainlink team of IT professionals at (347) 460-2238 or today to get the project management support you need.

Brainlink can help. We support a number of clients by providing supplemental services, which focus on completing longstanding projects while their internal IT team continues to provide troubleshooting and assistance for daily concerns.

Our team was recently hired by a company that had been trying to complete a number of IT projects for years. Despite how capable their IT representative was when it came to industry knowledge and problem solving, they simply didn’t have the time or the right expertise to close out their projects in a timely fashion. So they brought us on and we closed out 30 projects in less than eight months.

Don’t keep putting your important projects on the backburner. Recognize when you need a little extra support to see your long-term, big-picture goals achieved.

Want to close out your projects for good? Get in touch with Brainlink at (347) 460-2238 or to get started today.