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You Can Trust Your Vendors To Understand Their Technology, But Are You Sure They Understand Your Security?

May 17, 2016 Published by Rajesh Goel

Dealing with IT vendors is a part of doing business. Whether you’re a partner in a law firm, COO for a construction firm or a CFO at a hedge fund, you need specialized, industry-specific technology to ensure your business is productive and profitable. While it’s easy to trust that your vendors will be able to implement and support their products, it’s another thing entirely to assume they’ll do so with your security in mind.

Sensitive data is often captured, stored and used on third-party vendor technology, and so without the right IT security measures in place, all that data could be at risk. it won’t matter how secure your foundational IT is if the specialized technology you use is vulnerable. 

Are you unsure if your technology is helping you maintain a secure compliance posture? Reach out to Brainlink today at 917-685-7731or raj@brainlink.com to find out.  

You already go to great lengths to train your staff so that you can trust them with the sensitive data your business uses; you should be just as confident in your IT vendors. Brainlink can help you gain that confidence by performing internal audits, liaising with vendors on your behalf, and ensuring that their technology is just as secure as the rest of your business’ IT.

Recently, Brainlink performed an internal HIPAA audit for a hospital that wasn’t sure about their vendors that provided EKG, EEG, and Oncology scanning technology. The Brainlink team soon found that thousands of EEG scans were hosted on a separate, entirely unsecured network. Thanks to the report that Brainlink developed from the audit, the hospital was able to get the EEG vendor to ensure that their security met HIPAA requirements.

Don’t let poor communication with the vendor, or their subpar security practices put you at risk. Brainlink can help you and your vendors speak the same language and develop an effective and safe IT environment in your business. 

Get a second opinion on your IT vendors’ security standards by contacting the Brainlink team at (917) 685-7731 or raj@brainlink.com today.

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