FTC talks ransomware defense tactics, and Brainlink listens.


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) plays an important role in the modern cyber security landscape. Each decision the FTC makes helps to redefine the status quo of the nation’s security and privacy culture, which is why it’s so important to pay attention.

Recently, the FTC held their first workshop, “Best Defense Tactics Against Ransomware”, as a part of their annual fall technology series. The workshop featured a panel of industry experts that discussed various ways to develop reliable defenses against ransomware, as well as insight into already commons industry myths:

  • While employee training is vital, it’s not the only concern; basic “cyber hygiene” can be just as helpful in deterring ransomware.
  • Accurate backups are more important than extensive backups; by pinpointing precisely what data needs to be restored, you can save time and space.
  • Be sure you know exactly where your data is stored, and what systems have direct access to it.

Whereas many I.T. and cybersecurity professionals are only just now beginning to follow the FTC, Brainlink is among the few sufficiently insightful industry players that have long adhered to FTC settlements and guidelines. We do this because we know that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Brainlink founder Raj Goel recently unveiled his latest presentations, “Combating Ransomware” and “Lessons Learned From the FTC – 25 Years Of Data Privacy Enforcement” at the ASIS 2016 Conference, looking at key case studies in ransomware attacks and responses, such as the recent NASCAR incident when the Circle Sport-Leavine Family Racing team was hit with an attack that locked down their vital racing data.

Need a hand keeping up with the FTC? Get in touch with us right away at (917) 685-7731 or raj@brainlink.com to start working with an informed and up to date partner in I.T.