Friar Raj Goel Gets Roasted by Gothamite at the Friars Club Book Warming for His Newly Published Book

New York, NY, June 22, 2012 –(– Last Thursday on June 14, 2012, the Friars Club, located at 57 55th Street in New York City, hosted a Book Warming party for Information Technology expert and fellow Friar Raj Goel’s recently published book, The Most Important Secrets to Getting Great Results from IT: Everything Your Computer Consultant Never Told You which focuses on the various options of using technology to help a business run more efficiently.

A fellow Gothamite and roast mistress stole the show when she roasted Goel at the Book Warming. Commenting humorously on the painful task of writing the book, as well as reading the book, she praised Goel and Brainlink International, Inc. for providing “an amazing service,” but also being “always there when we need them.” Finishing up after a few jokes at Goel’s expense, she introduced the author to the audience. There were also other Gothamites from the Gotham City Networking, Inc. who attended the event including Kelly Welles, David Stein, David Henry, and Mark Bernstein. Notable Friars that celebrated with Goel were Fred Klein, Michael Salloway, Nathan Lewkowicz, Toni Haber, Mitchell Sockett, Michael Appell, and Miguel Friere.

Raj Goel wrote his book to inform business owners to invest in current and past clients, but also current employees. These are in fact the “biggest assets,” according to Goel. He advised the audience to “keep in touch with every client that you’ve ever had,” and also “keep reminding them regularly what you do,” because business owners tend to forget that this can be an important resource to the company. With the help of Goel and his new book, a company can reduce costs, increase and maximize revenues, and increase profits.

The Friars Club is a private club located at 57 East 55th Street in New York City that caters to the people in the entertainment business and from other professional fields. The Friars Club is famous for their Celebrity Roast, which began in 1949 with Maurice Chevalier as the guest of honor. Now it is the most imitated event throughout the world. With a reputation of roasts and celebrations, they also dedicate time to charitable events with The Friars Foundation, which was established in 1977 to foster the performing arts.

Raj Goel, CISSP, is the co-founder of Brainlink International, Inc., an IT consulting company based in New York City. With over twenty years of experience in the IT industry, Goel has helped develop security solutions for financial services and banking, along with pharmaceutical and health care industries. He has also worked with hospitals and regional medical centers in the northeast. Working with small to medium-sized companies, Goel provides technology solutions that facilitate the growth of revenues and profitability. He has presented over 100 seminars and conferences across the United States and Canada. He has appeared as an IT Security Expert in interviews on television and in newspapers and magazines including PBS Nightly Business Review, Entrepreneur Magazine, Information Security Magazine, and The New York Times.

What some readers are saying about the book:
“The tips shared in this book are extremely useful and it outlines ideas that everyone can implement right away…Very useful indeed!” – Sitima Fowler, Rochester, NY

“A must read for a business owner that needs to hire an IT firm! Very helpful and informative book written in a clear and concise manner.” – Sorin Cucu, Brooklyn, NY

“Raj Goel writes in a crisp, concise style sharing insights he has learned during his 25 years of work with PCs and servers…Read Raj’s compact, informative text, and put your company three years ahead of where it is now by just following the truths in this text.” – T. Robin Cole Jackson, MO

“The book reads like a cogent, matter-of-fact, guide to uncovering what business owners “don’t know what they don’t know” about their security and legal exposure and what they can do about it. Plain talk from a not-so-plain committed and proven expert.” – Glenn S. Spiller

“Raj really shines in the area of IT Security. I think if I ran a bank, law firm or a medical practice, I would make this required reading for all outward facing employees.” – Richard H. Crockett, Lancaster, PA

“Whether you are a solo-practitioner like me or the CEO of a large enterprise, this book is a must read for anyone serious about navigating the technology, compliance and social media landscape.” – Steven D. Lichtenstein CLU, ChFC Insurance & Investments

“What a book and excellent timing. It would help many many business owners to see what the current IT could do for them. It really focused them into what they do best – making money for their company.” – Tito Andrada, TJC Distributing, Inc.