Having a cybersecurity expert on speed dial isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Cyber Security Expert

Given the ever-evolving range of cybercrime dangers that threaten your firm on a daily basis, it has quickly become evident that cybersecurity can’t be ignored. Where at one time any kind of cybersecurity protection might have been sufficient, only the best is going to be effective in the modern digital world.

That’s why it’s so important to consider not just what kind of cybersecurity you have in place (firewalls, antivirus, etc.), but more so, who it is that you’re trusting with it.

Brainlink wants to be your trusted cybersecurity expert, which is why we work hard not just to provide proven, reliable solutions and technologies, but furthermore, to observe and learn from the latest incidents in cybercrime around the world.

Consider Patco Construction Inc., a Maine-based firm that was infected with the Zeus Trojan virus and subsequently robbed of nearly $600,000. Eventually, their bank recovered $243,000 but Patco was left with a $345,000 tab, and had to deal with three years of lawsuits before the case settled.

Similarly, Target was hit with a major credit card fraud malware attack when hackers gained access to their network through the corporation’s HVAC vendor, who had been given external access for business purposes. What may have been a standard process for providing vendor access just a few years ago became a major security oversight for Target, costing them millions of dollars in damages and upgrades to their systems after the fact.

As industry-leading experts, Brainlink has paid attention and taken note of key cybersecurity case studies; can your IT firm say the same?

After all, our very own founder Raj Goel is a publically recognized thought-leader in cybersecurity, having presented on a range of relevant topics — “Lessons Learned From The FTC”, “Lessons Learned From Hurricane Sandy”, Eat, Sleep, Surveil, Repeat” and more– for years at the nation’s most notable security events such as the ASIS Conference and the NYS Cybersecurity Conference.

Our clients enjoy success, security practices they can rely on and a competitive advantage in their industry because Brainlink has the expertise that other don’t. Why not find out what we can offer you?

Find out right away by giving me a call at (917) 685-7731 or emailing raj@brainlink.com.