Eat, Sleep, Surveil, Repeat: What you and your employees need to know about nationwide surveillance.

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The modern state of surveillance in North America is at an unprecedented level. Sanctioned observation of millions of citizens takes place every day, often in the name of homeland security and corporate interest, despite the less than palatable truth that such surveillance is often perpetrated in order to collect and sell private data. Examples of the reality of surveillance are numerous:

These are just a few of the countless examples of data collected in legally unsound manners that’s being used to benefit the agendas and bottom lines of massive corporations and other organizations. As more and more people worldwide gain access to the Internet, smartphones and other modern technologies, this state of surveillance will only continue.

As an active executive member of your firm, it’s vitally important that you stay up to date on the ever-changing face of cybersecurity in the modern world. Similar to the state of the economy, or the spread of the Zika virus, cybersecurity and national surveillance plays an undeniable role in how you choose to protect and support your family and business.

Brainlink’s Raj Goel, a public speaker, thought leader and IT industry expert, has noted the above cases and dozens more in his latest presentation “Eat, Sleep, Surveil, Repeat”. As a 25+ year veteran of the tech industry, Raj has promoted awareness of surveillance tactics through his roles a speaker, author (UNPLUGGED Luddites’ Guide To Cybersecurity) and IT consultant.

Just a few of his recent public appearances include:


  • “Eat, Sleep, Surveil, Repeat”, New York State Cybersecurity Conference (2016)
  • “Mouseveillance”, New York State Cybersecurity Conference (2015)
  • “Life Of A Child (2014)”, ASIS 2014
  • “Panopticon: Architecture Of Global Surveillance”, ISSA International Conference (2014)
  • NYIT CyberSecurity Conference (2014)

Keynote Speaker

  • “Panopticon 2013”, NCSL, Government of Netherlands, The Hague, Netherlands (2013)
  • “Rise of Government & Corporate Surveillance” Government Of Curacao (2013)
  • “What should MSP’s know about compliance?”, Datto Partner Conference (2013) 

On-Air Television Cybersecurity Expert

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