Everything you need to know about containers, the newest trend in virtualization.

Virtualization Containers

Does your firm use old, clunky hardware that eats up tons of space, power, and maintenance fees? Instead of scaling up your physical IT resources as your firm grows, did you know you can do more with less by virtualizing your IT environment?

Virtualization has proven to be a game-changing technology, providing efficiencies and capabilities that simply aren’t possible when you limit your IT infrastructure to a physical setting. That said, even something as new as virtualization is quickly becoming old news!

The latest trend in virtualization is “containers”, which allow for a nearly ideal use of IT resources when executing standard computing tasks. So how do they work?

Traditionally, virtual workstations and servers allow your staff members to access your environment’s resources (computing power, applications, data, etc.) through your local network or the Internet. As convenient as this is for hardware storage and management purposes, it’s rather inefficient to use an entire hosted desktop just so your employee can access a single application.

Containers see to this issue by packaging applications and the necessary computing power into a lean package that allows for the delivery of any number of containers to any number of users with a vastly reduced toll on the machine that’s hosting them all. Think of it like the difference between buying a house for your one-time long weekend vacation as compared to just renting a hotel room; a house comes with everything you need, but you’ll only be there over the weekend, so wouldn’t it be smarter to just get a hotel room for the duration of the stay?

This new chapter in virtualization has a lot to offer firm like yours with growing, dynamic needs. While traditional virtual machines are still a vital part of a capable IT environment, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest innovations in business technology. You never know what advancement could enhance your productivity and boost your profitability.

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