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Charles Rawls

Part QuarterMaster (“Q”) from James Bond and part deranged Alien Entity with cosmic powers (“Q”) from Star Trek: TNG, Crawls is variously known as Satan, Fuzzy, Old Wise One and the tech genie. With his magical bag of tricks developed over 50 years in IT & Consulting and a large lab full of equipment, spare parts and arcane hardware known as Dorsai and the BadWolf Lair, Charles is the goto man for technical solutions, irreverent blog posts, and exceptional meals. Technologist, Internet Pioneer, Certified AWS Professional Solutions Architect & Devops Engineer Professional, Chef, Gourmand and Meme Ninja. Clients & staff know, Crawls is all-wise, all-knowing; Annoy him at your peril; He doesn’t suffer fools or slackers lightly. His memes and bad puns are matched only by his competency in solving Impossible Missions. An award-winning Sci-Fi author, and a retired military officer, Crawls lives by the motto “Sine Pari” – he is WITHOUT equal, and his love of hardware comes in various calibers. When he isn’t busy destabilizing the middle east, or baking cookies, Charles mentors everyone at Team Brainlink. And like Q – his lessons are educational, life changing and sometimes, positively evil.

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Brainlink Improves Client Business Using SOPs and RUNBOOKS

A key principle at Brainlink is that we are NOT the owners of our clients’ information – we are the custodian.

As a result, we have invested extensive resources in building Client Runbooks.

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