Brainlink’s Comprehensive Support and SOP Culture is a Key Part of RNK Distributing’s Business.

Knoxville IT

RNK Distributing is a well-known supplier of traditional and specialty stabilizers, thread, and embroidery designs. Located out of Knoxville, Tennessee, RNK provides products, education, and further resources to avid members of the embroidery, quilting and sewing community. Four years ago, they planned to move their business to their current location and knew they would need help migrating their computers and other technology. With Brainlink on their side, the migration was an undeniably smooth process.

“It was really amazing to watch what Brainlink did,” says Linda Angelle, Operations Manager for RNK. “They did a layout of our office, and they labeled all our desktops. You can look at a desktop and send them a note saying, ‘Desktop number so and so is having trouble, can you log in and take care of the issue?’ They just log in and take care of it.”

Since the migration, Brainlink has provided consistently stellar service to RNK. Angelle has found the support staff and technicians to be well-rounded and valuable members of their operation.

“They are very, very knowledgeable,” says Angelle. “I have worked with IT people before and I’ve felt that I might know as much as they do, but these people [from Brainlink] are way beyond any IT group I’ve ever dealt with. They’ll call me and tell me ‘You’re having an issue with this’, and I won’t even have known we were having an issue! They know stuff before I even know it.”

Beyond the knowledge that is required to provide excellent IT support, Angelle is also impressed with Brainlink’s quality of customer service.

“I think that they learn very well what the capabilities of each customer is, in order to communicate with them,” says Angelle. “They do very well with knowing their client well enough to give them the type of support they need. It’s phenomenal how quickly they pick up on that stuff.”

Furthermore, Angelle has found that Brainlink provides truly comprehensive support, even in ways that you might not expect. Recently, RNK decided to upgrade their Internet capability with fiber optics, which presented an opportunity to improve their analog telephony systems as well. Even though Brainlink doesn’t provide specific support for business phones, they still had their technician on-site to ensure the telephone project was in line with their IT system.

“I am telling you I have never seen anybody so diplomatic,” says Angelle of Brainlink’s technician. “They took absolute charge of everything that was involved with the whole process, and even though they don’t do phone support, he was able to get the technicians to do what needed to happen because he knew our system so well.”

RNK has quickly become accustomed to the power of Brainlink’s unique SOP Culture. As a method of documentation, Angelle hasn’t seen a more effective system anywhere.

“It’s not just what they work on; they keep SOPs for everything, which is so critical,” says Angelle. “They automatically know what’s going on, which saves you time and saves them time, which in the long run saves everyone money.”

As a fully managed client, RNK receives a range of IT services from Brainlink to this day, including:

  • Full Server & Desktop Support
  • SOP Development
  • Managed Firewalls
  • Managed Backups
  • Daily Security Reviews
  • Custom Line-Of-Business Applications Support
  • Semi-Annual Full Disaster Recovery Testing
  • VMWare Consulting
  • Vendor Management
  • Budgeting Guidance

Even outside of the workplace, Angelle has come to rely on Brainlink for assistance with any IT issue.

“I had a computer at home, and I was having an issue with it, and I asked them, ‘How do you know if the hard drive needs to be replaced, or if it’s the motherboard,’ etc. and they just gave me the answer,” says Angelle. “When someone comes to visit, it’s almost like ‘Oh, let me show you my server room and how nice it looks,’ because it’s just very professionally done. But yet, they’re very friendly; it’s like they’re a part of the family, and they are because we couldn’t operate in the fashion that we do without them. They’re a huge part of our business.”







Are you putting up with similar IT issues at your business? Contact Brainlink at (347) 460-2238 or today to receive the same unbeatable IT support services enjoyed by RNK Distributing.