The 4 Vital Tools For Creating Effective Documentation

Documentation is a vital part of the managed services industry. It can make a huge difference in the time it will take an employee to find and understand relevant client data during a troubleshoot. However, documentation is often the last thing on anyone’s mind; if you understand it, it can be difficult to justify putting in the effort necessary to make it truly effective. {company} wants to help take some of the effort out of the process.

What does effective really mean, and how does it differentiate from classic documentation?

Google defines effective as “success in producing a desired or intended result”; that’s the only thing that really matters when it comes to documentation. {company} isn’t interested in creating documentation that no one will ever see. {company} wants to create documentation that our staff and clients can use in order to make work easier in every way, and we want to help you too.

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What are the tools of the trade?

These are our four required tools:

  1. Confluence: By itself it’s an effective team collaboration tool. However, in keeping with our overall theme, it’s not enough on its own.
  2. Doctool Kit: The documentation toolkit from is a phenomenal add-on. This allows you — if you’re using ConnectWise, Kaseya, or Tigerpaw — to take data out of your Professional Services Automation (PSA) and dump it into Confluence without all the work.
  3. SOP Culture Toolkit: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are our way to clearly define and layout any given task in our business. The toolkit is a unique resource that we’ve built internally to combine the data from our PSA with our SOP’s to create training manuals, runbooks, and effective documentation.
  4. Greenshot: A free tool for capturing screenshots.

How Can You Create Effective Documentation?

These four tools can drastically change the way your business uses ConnectWise to peruse relevant client data. Despite how effective ConnectWise is at putting all the vital data in one place, it’s severely lacking as a reporting tool. However, with Confluence, the doctool, and properly applied SOP Culture, you can create and use macros that will display the exact info you need at a given time. For example, when it comes to client firewalls, you can use the doctool to create macros that display the necessary data, such as configuration name, the external admin URL or IP address for each of the firewalls, and the admin account name.

Finding creative ways to use standard tools is something that {company} takes pride in. On their own, any one of these tools can be beneficial to your business, but when combined and applied strategically, they can revolutionize the way you document your services. Still not convinced? Check out these additional resources:

Want to create undeniably effective documentation in your business? Reach out to {company} today at {phone} or {email} to get started, and to license our SOP Library for your own business.