Brainlink International delivers indispensable support to Halcraft and RNK Distributing


When Halcraft and RNK Distributing require solid and dependable networking and IT services, they rely on Brainlink International. Brainlink has been supplying Halcraft and RNK with continuous IT, networking, and consulting services for almost 20 years, helping both companies to thrive during their successful partnership. 

Cliff Wallach is the co-owner of two companies that service the DIY (Do It Yourself) communities in different segments: Halcraft sells beading and general craft supplies to large craft retailers and RNK Distributing sells sewing supplies and software to independent sewing dealers throughout the USA and Canada.

Halcraft and RNK use robust software for all aspects of their business. It is crucial that they have up-to-date communications and connectivity technology. Halcraft sends and receives all PO’s and payments through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), and utilizes software systems for inventory, payables, order creation and shipping. Halcraft also has several employees that work remotely who need to be able to access data and services from the company’s central IT system based in New York.

RNK uses their software for order processing, inventory, shipping and receiving procedures. This software system needs to work cohesively across multiple levels of the company. Wallach says, “It is very important that our computers can communicate with each other smoothly.” Halcraft and RNK both require a fully secure, recoverable, and consistent networking and IT platform to run their business efficiently and provide high-level customer satisfaction.

The Situation: A need for solid and dependable IT infrastructure and network to handle robust specialty business software

Brainlink and Wallach have had a long and fruitful working relationship since 1998. Wallach explains, “As computer systems became the brains that companies used to function at a peak level, Brainlink was always there to help us manage our needs without blowing our budgets. They assisted us in working through the changing tides of computer options as our needs grew.” Brainlink consulted on physical networking and hardware planning when Wallach’s companies relocated their facilities. In addition, Brainlink was instrumental in planning for uninterrupted services during relocation processes.

Wallach is confident in the services his two companies continue to receive from Brainlink. Brainlink is able to work on any emergency or physical needs, remotely accessing their systems when required, for any troubleshooting or updates. Wallach states, “Brainlink allows our employees to focus on their work and their goals rather than worrying about the technological tools that we provide to help them.” He continues, “They were honest and hard working from the moment that we met them and we have never stopped believing in their company.”

The Solution: Trusting Brainlink to provide reliable and committed IT support and services 

“Brainlink enables us to focus on growing our businesses with the knowledge that our systems are as streamlined, protected and backed up as is reasonable for the budget that our company has for technology,” Wallach says. Brainlink provides Halcraft & RNK with an array of vital IT services, including:

  • Managed Firewall / Managed Anti-Virus / Managed Anti-spam / Managed DNS protection to keep them safe from cybercrime threats.
  • Managed Backups to protect data and digital assets from unexpected disasters.
  • Regular systems, network, and operational security assessments, to pre-empt and remedy any possible vulnerabilities.

Wallach highly recommends Brainlink for their reliability and expertise. “RNK worked with a local company for many years and the service was not as consistent as Brainlink, nor did they make us confident that we could work and not worry about every little IT detail that took place. Brainlink is trustworthy and knowledgeable and they have proven that they understand how to work with businesses like ours.”

Stop worrying about IT and let the trusted experts at Brainlink manage your IT systems. Contact us now at (917) 685-7731 or to find out what we can do for your business.