Avoid Social Media Disasters With Common Sense

NYC IT Support

While many companies have rushed to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms in an attempt to attract more business and stay relevant, I prefer to avoid it. I know the consequences of impulsively using new technology and media which is why I don’t bother with social media.

At Brainlink, we have enacted a strict policy for social media throughout our entire business:

  • Brainlink employees are not authorized to use social media in any official capacities
  • The only members at Brainlink authorized to use social media are the CTO & Marketing Manager
  • Official use of social media requires approval from the CTO
  • They may NOT disclose names of past, present or future clients, current or past projects, or make negative statements about clients or their work at Brainilink
  • Any unauthorized use of social media, or making comments online using official Brainlink.com email addresses or identity is grounds for immediate termination

This policy is well in line with our overall philosophy on user and data protection in the modern digital age, explained in my book, UNPLUGGED Luddites’ Guide To CyberSecurity (which all of my employees are required to read).

Furthermore, we have witnessed firsthand how detrimental social media can be to a company’s profits and reputation. An employee of a former Brainlink client had divulged that a famous celebrity (and key client) was visiting the office, which led to the client losing a $50M contract. In the end, the Brainlink client had major layoffs and soon became an ex-client.

Whereas many businesses may worry about missing possible revenue or exposure on social media, in a nutshell, we don’t care. Brainlink clients tend not to use social media, with most of them being investment firms, private equity firms, wealth managers and construction firms. Those that are easily influenced by an online review or social media posting do not tend to overlap with Brainlink clientele. These industries are based on relationships, long-term credibility building, and other factors that rarely play a role in social media.

To learn more about me, Brainlink and how to apply common sense to today’s technology, contact me at (917) 685-7731 or raj@brainlink.com.