WorkBetter trusts in Brainlink for reliable infrastructure maintained and IT management.

WorkBetter provides workspaces for entrepreneurs and innovators throughout New York City and Chicago. Their workspaces are designed to provide residents with ideal locations to meet, achieve goals and develop their business endeavors.

“The idea was to bring small businesses together in a community that allowed them to work with each other, work off of each other, share resources, both technological and otherwise that were typically, back in 2003, reserved for much larger enterprises with significantly greater budgets and infrastructure, etc.,” says WorkBetter founder and COO Harsh Mehta.

Like any good business, over time WorkBetter developed and adapted to the changing landscape of their industry.

“As it grew, it became focused and more concentrated on delivering high-quality office space, and not necessarily focusing as much on how we could make our members work better, which was kind of what the original vision was,” explained Mehta. “We took a big step back, re-evaluated what our business priorities were, refocused on the customer, refocused on the things that made us successful early on, and kind of decided to reboot the business.”

Early in their development as a business, WorkBetter chose Brainlink to help them maintain their IT infrastructure, manage their servers, and more.

“They came on board while we were still very young as WorkBetter, to help with some basic infrastructure needs, and over the years they’ve worked with us on various different projects and in various different capacities,” says Mehta.

In addition to the usual management services that Brainlink provided WorkBetter with, there soon came a time when they needed extra support. While undergoing major changes to their business, WorkBetter chose to trust Brainlink to help manage their IT as a whole.

“We were in a period of transition recently when we decided to make some changes in how we manage our business’ internal technology department,” says Mehta. “We were in a state of flux and Brainlink came on board on relatively short notice and ended up serving as our business’ in-house technology department for a period of nine months, and they’re still in that particular capacity.”

Overall, the management at WorkBetter could not be happier with the services Brainlink has provided them.

“They’ve been able to bring a tremendous amount of process and order to how we manage tech and IT in general, building out Standard Operating Procedures, creating vendor lists, creating escalation lists and so forth,” says Mehta. “I think the entire project has ended up being significantly greater and more daunting than maybe Brainlink anticipated when they first stepped on, but they’ve done a great job of staying on top of it.”

Additionally, WorkBetter has seen great value in Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Culture, Brainlink’s proven method for detailed and effective documentation. Each SOP clearly lays out the steps in a given task, so that anyone in the business can carry it out as need be.

“[SOP Culture] has helped us reduce the amount of time it takes to troubleshoot issues, or at the minimum, go and locate information when something has gone wrong,” says Mehta.

To this day, Brainlink provides WorkBetter with a comprehensive management service that helps to maintain their IT infrastructure.

“Raj, in general, has been a highly reliable and dependable vendor for us, that has been available to deal with anything and everything that comes up whenever it does,” says Mehta. “Brainlink is as reliable and dependable an IT vendor as one could find. In the number of vendors that I’ve worked with over the years, very few vendors have been as consistent in the delivery of service as Brainlink has.”

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