Where We Serve

Get the local IT support that you need to become a more productive firm.

Brainlink International provides service to private and family-owned financial firms — in industries including Private Equity, Investment, Family Offices, Hedge Funds — and Construction Industry Firms (Construction/Contractor, Architectural and Property Management). We’re here to help firms in these industries get what they need to become more productive and secure operations.

Contact Brainlink International at raj@brainlink.com or (347) 460-2238 to learn more about our IT services and expertise.

With us as your partner in IT, you’ll have access to a range of services that you won’t find anywhere else. In addition to these vital IT services, Brainlink International will provide your firm with:

  • Expert Consultation and Guidance: In our twenty years of working with firms like yours, the team at Brainlink International has learned a lot. We understand that technology is only a small part of an ideal IT setup. What really counts is how you and your employees make use of that technology, which is how we can help. As a part of our ongoing management of your IT infrastructure, we’ll help you ensure your staff is using the technology you’ve invested in to its greatest potential, which will maximize your productivity and ROI.
  • SOP Culture: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are our unique way to standardize the work we do for your firm. By documentation every task down to its minute details, we can ensure that every undertaking is performed in the same manner, and achieves the same desired results every single time. This helps to ensure quality, simplify processes for new employees, and avoid unnecessary mistakes.
  • Unparalleled Daily Support: Brainlink International will perform Daily Firewall Reviews and Daily Backups Reviews to ensure that no event in your IT infrastructure is overlooked. By examining logs each and every day, we can identify instances of cybercriminal threats and employee misconduct and immediately work with you to remedy them.
  • Total Transparency: As your partner, Brainlink International won’t hold back any details on the support we provide for your firm. Every document, ticket, and SOP will be made available to you so that you can really understand the work we do to help you become more productive and profitable.

  • And Much More: We also provide round-the-clock maintenance of your IT infrastructure, IT security solutions, managed backups, Cloud-based email services, and other vital technology solutions.

Brainlink International also offers bespoke consulting to other, selected, NYC businesses with complex IT challenges that require an especially unique service.

Get in touch with the experts at Brainlink International to get the IT guidance and services that your firm needs. Contact us at raj@brainlink.com or (347) 460-2238 today.