What is Your Resolution?


Some take it seriously. Some bid it farewell just after the clock strikes twelve. Some call it a Second Chance to Dream with Eyes Open. New Year Resolution — no one can deny having made some. We all change with the time as do our aspirations. Here is your opportunity to gauge your goals and try something bold!

Take a look at a few of these resolutions for 2016 for some inspiration!

Give Up a Bad Habit
Learn a New Skill
De-Clutter & Get Organized
Help Save the Planet
Eat Healthier & Exercise
Bond with Family and Friends More
Smile More & Be Kinder to People
Live Within Your Means
Lose the Loan & Pay Off Debt
Relieve Stress
Overcome a Fear
Vow to be Positive
Follow Through On Commitments
Enrich Your Vocabulary
Make 2016 the Best Yet!