UNPLUGGED + SOP Culture Improve Education for SC Students

NYC IT Support

Brainlink’s influence extends beyond the borders of NYC. As an internationally recognized cyber security expert, Raj Goel has had the honor of educating thought leaders across the globe by promoting the importance of IT security practices in both business and personal settings. Whether it’s industry-wide compliance processes for massive enterprises or the importance of personal cybersecurity on the Internet (as explained in his book, UNPLUGGED Luddites’ Guide to Cybersecurity: What to Teach Your Kids & Grandparents Before They Access the Internet), Raj has blazed the trail for others to follow.

Recently, the South Carolina Education Department CISO, Ken Puett, read UNPLUGGED and, along with his staff, attended several of our SOPCULTURE webinars. Ken took the lessons learned from UNPLUGGED on imparting effective cybersecurity practices and shared them with educators across the great state of South Carolina.
Read what Ken has to say:

“Awesome Security Town Hall meeting at the SCASA Technology Roundtable,” says Kenneth Puett, Chief Information Security Officer for the South Carolina Department of Education. “Thanks to my best bud Raj Goel for instilling the concept of security policies yielding many procedures.”

The team at {company} believes that delivering effective IT support extends beyond managing systems for our clients.  We believe in impacting society in meaningful ways. If you’d like to improve YOUR staff’s productivity, watch our SOPCULTURE webinars at www.SOPCulture.com

If you’d like to have a life-changing discussion with your staff, spouse, kids or family members about protecting your privacy and safety online, read UNPLUGGED (amazon link).

With over 25 years of experience in IT, and their unique approach to digital security in the residential and business realms, Raj and {company} have revolutionized the world of IT. SCASA is just the latest addition to the many that have chosen to follow their lead.

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