Three Benefits of Using SOP Culture to Develop Formalized IT Processes

A well laid-out and detailed plan is instrumental in the success of nearly any task. It just makes sense; knowing what moves to make before you make them will help to ensure the results you’re looking for, right?

Despite the simplicity of this logic, so many businesses struggle (or fail to even try) to implement effective documentation. When done correctly, documentation can revolutionize the way that business members think about their daily tasks, but understandably, it’s easier said than done. That’s why Brainlink has developed our unique system for documentation: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Culture.

What Is SOP Culture?

SOPs are your way to document any given process in your business’ operation, from macro tasks like budget development, to daily rudimentary duties like sales pitches. By documenting every single possible aspect of your business, you gain a number of advantages, including:

  1. Total Simplicity: The primary benefit of SOP Culture is the elimination of unnecessary steps, methods, and repetition. With a centralized, regularly updated, and easily understood repository of information, each and every detailed process is the same every time. This helps to ensure quality and consistency throughout all aspects of service delivery in your business, which boost productivity, and the trust your clients place in you.
  2. Effective Documentation: SOP Culture further simplifies the practice of documenting your processes as well, with hundreds of examples and templates immediately available to you upon licensing. Each time a new process is developed, you can ensure that the best version of it is documented so that it can be easily referenced and carried out by new and old employees alike as need be.
  1. Optimal Troubleshooting: SOP Culture makes troubleshooting a much more effective undertaking. Instead of technicians fumbling through potential fixes and hoping to replicate them again when needed, SOP Culture ensures an easy-to-follow and consistent troubleshooting process each and every time.

Why Should You License The SOP Library?

If you’re not convinced by the clear benefits detailed above, just consider what’s included:

  • Setup of your Confluence server (on your equipment or ours)
  • Three years of run book plugins
  • Three years of semi-annual upgrades to your library
  • Access to future SOPs (we are adding new SOPs every quarter)
  • The means to build your own SOP culture!
  • Customizable Runbook cover page (with your company name and logo)
  • SOP Templates
  • Runbook creation technology 

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Find out more about SOP Culture and its range of benefits:

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