The Lighter Side

Have You Heard This Before?

“March comes in with an adder’s head, and goes out with a peacock’s tail.”
Richard Lawson Gales

“Up from the sea, the wild north wind is blowing under the sky’s gray arch; Smiling I watch the shaken elm boughs, knowing It is the wind of March.”
William Wordsworth

“Who in this world of ours their eyes In March first open shall be wise; In days of peril firm and brave, And wear a Bloodstone to their grave.”
Unattributed Author

“Ah, March! We know thou art Kind-hearteli, spite of ugly looks and threats. And, out of sight, art nursing April’s violets!”
Helen Hunt Jackson

“Slayer of the winter, art thou here again? 0 welcome, thou that bring’st the summer nigh! The bitter wind makes not the victory vain. Nor will we mock thee for thy faint blue sky.”
William Morris

“March: Its motto, ‘Courage and strength in times of danger.’”
William Morris

“Beware the ides of March.”
William Shakespeare

“In fierce March weather White waves break tether, And whirled together At either hand, Like weeds uplifted, The tree-trunks rifted In spars are drifted, Like foam or sand.”
Algernon Charles Swinbume

“With rushing winds and gloomy skies The dark and stubborn Winter dies: Far-off, unseen, Spring faintly cries, Bidding her earliest child arise; March!”
Bayard Taylor

“All in the wild March-morning I heard the angels call; it was when the moon was setting, and the dark was over all; The trees began to whisper, and the wind began to roll, And in the wild March.. morning I heard them call my soul.”
Lord Alfred Tennyson