Are you still using your Dad’s firewall?

Sophos Firewall

When it comes time to upgrade your firewall, don’t make the same mistake that everyone else is!

Firewalls are a vitally important part of your IT security, and shouldn’t be overlooked or underserved. Unfortunately, so many businesses continue to use the same old Checkpoint firewall technology, updating when new versions are available, but otherwise giving their firewall little attention.

Put simply, Checkpoint firewall technology is out of date when compared to the options available to you in the modern business world. With the help of Brainlink’s team of IT security experts, you can increase your firewall’s performance and maximize your ROI in security technology.

Just in the past year, we’ve updated two of our clients’ IT environments with Sophos’ Unified Threat Management (UTM) and iView tools, gaining a 40% boost in network performance for one, and saving the other more than $180,000 in bandwidth expenditures in the course of a single year.

Don’t waste your money on another sub-par Checkpoint upgrade; with our help, you can boost your performance and save money, simply by using better technology more effectively.

Stop relying on 20th-century technology to keep your business safe. Choose Brainlink as your partner in IT security to starting using cutting-edge security solutions; reach out to us right away at (917) 685-7731 or to get started.