SmartCEO’s Know that CULTURE Eats Strategy for Breakfast

In 2015, Brainlink was a proud winner of SmartCEO Magazine’s Culture Award. Smart CEOs know that strategy and good people are essential to running a business. However, strategy amd people alone aren’t enough. Without a supporting culture, you’re left with a two-legged table. Culture, while more difficult to imbue throughout a workforce, is significantly more effective in the end because it’s an ongoing, automatic state of mind. Developing a profitable and quality-assuring mindset like SOP Culture does wonders for businesses and your life (we even pack for trips using SOPs!). If you want an awesome SOP Culture, Brainlink can show you how.

What Is SOP Culture?
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are your way to document any given process in your business’ operation, from macro tasks like budget development, to daily rudimentary duties like sales pitches, changing email signatures or replacing the toner in the printer. By documenting every process undertaken in your business, you effectively develop a culture of SOPs that will outperform your competition with ease.

Why Choose SOP Culture?
As a culture, SOPs standardize how each and every task is performed, and reduce human errors in your business. Once properly implemented, it isn’t long before these standardized processes become second nature to your brand new hires and experienced veterans alike. The benefits of SOP Culture will radiate throughout your business, helping you mitigate the downsides of human error in many ways, including:

  • Quality Control: You may have a strategy in place to ensure a controlled and consistent quality of service among your many employees, but the reality is that everyone has dealt with clients that only want to work with a single representative that they trust above all the others. SOP Culture reduces the discrepancies between one employee’s ability and another’s by clearly documenting and training the way they service a customer, which removes the need for a customer to favor one employee over the rest.
  • Maximum Return on Investment: Every business comes down to time and money. How little can you spend to get the same high-value results? SOPs help you cut back on time wasted on tasks almost immediately. Shortly after implementing a true SOP Culture in your business, you’ll see complicated tasks become repeatable processes that takes a fraction of the time usually invested.
  • Achieve More With What You Already Have: SOPs further help you make the most of the staff you’ve already invested in. As you document each and every business process, it won’t be long before everyone can do everything with baseline competency. The value of your employees will skyrocket, as will their confidence as
    they become even more productive members of your workforce.
  • Bespoke Culture: One of the best parts of SOP Culture is that it fits your business, no matter what that looks like. Size, scope, and other factors don’t matter when it comes to developing a clearly defined culture of processes that allows your workforce to provide a higher-value service at a faster rate. Whether you’re a booming enterprise or a five-person small business, you’ll soon see that SOP Culture is an undeniably more effective solution to process management than strategy, bar none.

Put SOPs to work in your business to develop a truly effective culture. Get in touch with Brainlink today at (917) 685_-7731 or to start your transition to SOP Culture.