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Protecting You: Has Your IT Provider Broken Your Heart?

March 03, 2015 Published by Rajesh Goel


One of our favorite clients is a financial firm that went through significant changes during the financial meltdown and the improving aftermath.

During the recession, they had cut backs, head count dropped, and they became a small-fry to their IT provider.

As a result, their IT provider started ignoring them.

During the on-boarding, I conducted a 2 week assessment and discovered the following:

  • Several critical systems had not been patched or updated in 8 months
  • Several servers and most desktops were out of warranty
  • The equipment was underpowered for staff needs
  • The single Time Warner cable circuit was insufficient
  • The 7-year old firewalls were slowing down trades and deal flow data

It’s taken us a year of careful planning, and we’ve finally managed to:

  • Implement a proper, complete BACKUP AND DISASTER RECOVERY system
  • Replace the firewalls
  • Build and test their DISASTER RECOVERY PROTOCOL
  • Replace the old, failing systems with new, high performance ones
  • Improved their security
  • Improved their SEC Cybersecurity compliance posture
  • Increased staff satisfaction

If your firewalls are older than your kids, give me a call.

If your IT provider is giving you the cold shoulder, know that you will receive a WARM WELCOME at Brainlink!

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