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Noted security expert to lead panel discussion at IT conference

Raj Goel to moderate expert panel on Protection of Critical Infrastructure, Organizations and Individuals against Cyber Attacks

For the third year, noted Internet IT expert Raj Goel will speak at the NYIT Cybersecurity Conference 2014.

This annual gathering presented by the NYIT School of Engineering and Computing Sciences. It is aimed at helping individuals and companies protect against cyber-attacks and improve online defenses. Mr. Goel’s discussion will center on protecting the infrastructure in place against such attacks.

“When a global company noted for the strength of its defenses can be hacked, then most systems are vulnerable. The recent successful attack on J.P. Morgan underscores how important it is to have superior IT protections in place. It’s not enough to just have the best possible system, it must be constantly tested and upgraded,” Mr. Goel said.

The panel members for this discussion are security experts from the government, Cisco, Dell and the nuclear energy industry.

“As the moderator for this panel discussion with fellow experts from around the world, we will first look at the current state of computer security for several different areas. One item of particular note is the fact that many enterprise systems have been compromised despite their security precautions,” Mr. Goel said.

Of particular focus is SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems. These kinds of computer networks operate critical systems and enable remote operation of municipal utilities like water, gas, electric and nuclear power.

“I plan to focus on major industries with a global reach like financial firms and large construction companies that work everywhere. The problems we will focus on are where the cyber attack begins and what should be done about this. Better security protocols, including what we learned after the Target and Home Depot security breaches,” Mr. Goel said.

A significant part of the discussion will be on dealing with the aftermath. This is a public relations nightmare for companies which are successfully attacked.

“How can companies do a better job of reporting data losses? Right now, companies get battered for reporting compromised systems. This makes other companies reluctant to make such announcements. Consumers need to be protected and when that protection fails, they need to be told as soon as possible,” Mr. Goel said.

The panel discussion will end with the panel members offering their best suggestions for improving security. They will discuss how they protect their personal systems as well as what they advise companies to do.

“Password are going to be a big part of this discussion. People hate firewalls and multiple authentication steps, but we will see how these provide a secure barrier as well as time for IT staff to react to an attack and shut it down,” he said. “In short, the more barriers put up, the safer a network will be.”

The conference will be held at the NYIT Auditorium1871 Broadway at 61st St. in New York City on Thursday, Sept. 18 from 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Raj Goel is a globally known IT and security expert. He regularly gives presentations around the world at the top IT conferences. For more information about Mr. Goel and his work, please visit www.RajGoel.com. For information about the NYIT Cybersecurity Conference, please visit https://www.brainlink.com/resources/events/ .