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Cyber security expert to discuss social media, the cloud and the lack of security in Chicago

The lack of security in social media is a topic noted computer security expert Raj Goel will discuss at the coming ASIS Conference in Chicago in late September.

“The internet is not private no matter what they tell you,” he said.

He will discuss security precautions on Sept. 24

“Individual consumers and complete corporations moving to Social Media and the cloud has had a resounding impact on how our profession manages enterprise security,” he said.

A lot of people believe the Cloud is a secure place to store documents and information because of encryption, passwords and privacy settings. The reality is, it is not secure.

“In the first place, you are storing information in something called a cloud. What this really means is you have information stored in a bank of computers somewhere which you don’t own. Where are those computers. Who owns them? Who has access to them?” Mr. Goel said. “Think about this. If law enforcement serves a search warrant on the place where those computers are, all your information is subject to be examined by law enforcement.”

Any time information is uploaded to the Internet, it’s best to assume that information can be made public, he said.

“Even if you take the information out, is that stuff really gone? What guarantees do you have that the server actually erased the information?” he said. “The truth is governments and giant corporations, the very people who own and run the cloud, are data mining and harvesting much more of your personal information than you suspect. You need to be proactive and take clear steps to protect yourself and, hopefully, minimize what’s already out there.”

ABOUT RAJ GOEL – Raj Goel, CISSP, is an IT and information security expert with over 20 years of experience developing security solutions for the banking, financial services, health care, and pharmaceutical industries. A well-known authority on regulations and compliance issues, Raj has presented at information security conferences across the USA and Canada.

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