The Friars Club

This noteworthy private club is a foundational part of New York City’s culture. Famous for its comedic roasts and arts-based philanthropy, this club’s membership began with comedians and entertainers, and today boasts members from a wide range of industries, such as {company} founder and CEO Raj Goel.


The International Information System Security Certification Consortium, Inc. ((ISC)2) is a globally-recognized not-for-profit leader in the promotion of and education in cyber security practices. Known widely for their range of IT security certifications (Raj Goel himself holds a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)), (ISC)2 strives to provide IT industry members around the world with the resources necessary to provide true security.


The Information Systems Security Association is an internationally-active organization of information security professionals. ISSA holds numerous conferences, workshops, and other events each year in order to bring together the brightest minds in information security to further educate, promote and assist in the development of IT security practices around the world. As a past presenter at ISSA conferences, {company} continues to maintain an ongoing partnership with such an effective association of like-minded individuals.


Infragard represents the partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and prominent members of the private sector in order to prevent hostile attacks against the US. As a proponent of informational and national security, {company} is proud to be a part of Infragard.

The Workspace Association of New York

The Workspace Association Of New York (WANY) is an industry trade organization made up of various office and serviced workspace providers located in the Tri-State New York area. Altogether, WANY represents over two million square feet of professionally managed workspaces, which are used to service consumers that seek workspaces that represent the highest standards of quality, ethics, integrity, research and learning. As a member of the New York city community, {company} knows how important quality workspace management within the city is to true business success.

Heron Financial Group

Heron Financial Group helps individuals and families to reach financial goals through wealth and investment management. With a clientele that includes executives, managing partners of law firms and consultancies, Wall Street professionals, owners of businesses, and heads of families, Heron Financial Group advises on a range of endeavors such as asset allocation, executive compensation, 401K planning for individuals and businesses, life insurance & annuities, and more. As a preferred provider of IT solutions to many members of the wealth management industry, {company} is gratified to work alongside such an institution as Heron Financial Group.

Work Better

Work Better provides workspaces for entrepreneurs and innovators throughout New York City and Chicago. Their workspaces are designed to provide residents with ideal locations to meet, achieve goals and develop their business endeavors. {company} understands the value of an ideal workspace here in New York, which is why we’re happy to associate with Work Better.