One World Technology uses SOP Culture to centralize resources, make better use of work hours, and improve service delivery to their clients.

NYC IT SupportOne World Technology is a managed IT services provider operating out of Medina, Ohio. As an MSP, much of One World Technology’s business is based on addressing client needs, performing regular tasks, and resolving any IT issues as need be. This kind of work calls for clear and effective documentation so that any member of their technical support can properly address an issue in a client’s system, but for some time, One World Technology’s staff was finding it difficult to develop the right documentation strategy.

“We just were not documenting our processes well; I mean yeah, we were writing out step-by-step instructions for some things, but we were never following the same format,” says Kevin Gamin, Vice President of Technical Services for One World Technology. “One person would do it one way, and another person would do it another way. When we tried to implement a uniform method of documentation, it was tedious and hard to follow and hard to implement, so it just got swept under the rug and ignored.”

Beyond issues with organization and access to data, One World Technology’s difficulty with documentation had led to a serious misallocation of resources and employee hours.

“Between that and the central repository, we were just finding it hard to pass knowledge on from one person to another,” says Gamin. “It got to the point where we’d have to stand behind each other when we’d have to show somebody something new, which means you have two resources working on one item instead of a single person, which is all you really need.”

Luckily for One World Technology, Randy Hall found out about Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Culture — Brainlink’s proven method for detailed and effective documentation — through the HTG Marketing Group.

SOPs In Business

“When he met Raj through that and discovered SOP Culture, the lightbulb went off,” says Gamin. “The whole idea of a central repository is huge for us, because we’ve kind of had it where we’ve got documents to store on this network drive, we got more documents to store on this drive, and it gets a little confusing, so it’s nice to have everything in the same place.”

One World Technology saw a quick change in their business after adopting SOP Culture for their documentation needs. Its user-friendly interface allowed their staff to adapt to it with little downtime.

“The ease of use and the simplicity of the set-up is what we’ve been looking for, pure and simple,” says Gamin. “I’ve noticed that people are adding their documentation into SOP Culture already. Every time I look, the list has grown, and it’s well organized too. It’s being used unlike anything else we’ve had before, and that immediately tells me there’s an improvement, because if there’s that kind of proactive utilization, that kind of buy-in, then we’re going to see the results.”

What’s more, SOP Culture has even improved the One World Technology staff’s understanding of Connectwise, their ticketing system.

“One of the nice things about SOP Culture is, to be honest, that the training and the documentation about Connectwise in SOP Culture is better than Connectwise’s own training documentation,” says Gamin. “We’re actually learning to use Connectwise better because of what we got from Raj and SOP Culture.”

Since choosing to adopt SOP Culture in their business, One World Technology has enjoyed a range of benefits, including:

  • Improved service delivery
  • Significant enhancements in tech documentation & productivity
  • More efficient use of personnel and resources

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