Meet Our Client Of The Month!

MeetOurClientEvery month, I choose one very special “Client of the Month” as my way of acknowledging clients and thanking those who support me and my business with referrals and repeat business.

Meet Tom, Chris, Michael Gallin and Mark Varian ‐ family members and 4th generation owners of John Gallin & Son. For over 125 years, JGS has been providing quality, cost‐effective construction management and general contracting services for commercial interiors for the New York corporate community. Whether you do business with Ann Taylor, Wells Fargo, HQ Global Places or Frederic Fekkei, chances are, you’re standing in Gallin’s handiwork.

The best part about working with Gallin is that on every project, they promise “there’s always a member of the family on the job”.
“What I like best about Brainlink is that their ticketing system tracks issues and gives us the ability to spot trends or issues before they become major problems”
‐ Chris Gallin, Partner“Brainlink’s staff is very responsive and professional”
‐ Tom Gallin, Partner